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Aggregate Suppliers Newcastle

Aggregate Suppliers Newcastle Upon Tyne

Aggregate Suppliers Newcastle Upon Tyne

Welcome to Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd – a major supplier of recycled aggregates to the Newcastle and the general North East area. From Coarse Aggregates like gravel to slate, Crushed Stone & Crushed Rock with source approval for adoptable works, we provide everything from sand and soil, road planings, paving, slate & other materials. All of which are available for collection or delivery around the North East.

What Kinds of Aggregates Do We Provide in Newcastle?

We supply Type One aggregate which conforms to highways clause 803, and is often used as a levelling material. It’s also a sub-base that can be used for construction jobs, beneath public footpaths, landscaping, driveways, patios, and more.

Another offering in our locker is 6F5 Capping, which is a mixture of crushed brick and ready mixed concrete with a particle size from 125mm down to dust. This can be used as a bulk filler or capping layer.

We also supply road planings which are as dug, or screened and single size aggregates. These are available for our Newcastle customers as well as Durham and Teesside. Please contact us to find out more.

What Can Our Aggregates Used For?

Our aggregates can be used within adoptable works and are ideal for use by local  Newcastle authorities and Newcastle construction companies working on new builds, roads, and footpaths. Our recycled gravel aggregates are of the highest quality and conform to the relevant English, UK, and European standards, so you have that additional peace of mind around quality.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have plenty of other aggregates available and it’s our intention to provide you with the aggregates you need for your construction job in a safe and timely manner, striving to provide great customer service and fantastic quality products. 

Using the correct aggregate for your Newcastle construction job is highly important and we have the skills and experience to help you make the right choice every time. We have a very high customer service and satisfaction rate, and we can’t wait to help you today.

Quick Delivery and Collection

Not only do we offer collection to our Newcastle and North East customers, but our deliveries are second to none in terms of time and money saved. We take the most direct route possible to drop your aggregates or equipment off, saving you time so you can get the job done efficiently.

Get in Touch with our Team Today!

If you are searching for aggregate suppliers to provide the materials and products that you need for your road, garden, building projects or commercial projects then look no further than Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd. 

As well as providing high quality aggregates that conform to all English, UK, and European standards, we provide experienced operators and equipment at a price that suits your requirements and budget, delivered directly to you. Our team always ensure that you have everything you need to complete your project successfully whether it’s with slate, gravel, or anything in between. 

We serve Newcastle, Gateshead, and the surrounding North East areas from Middlesbrough to Durham, even further afield to York, Leeds, and Sheffield. You can learn more about us by exploring our website or, to speak to a member of the team, call us on 01325 808 760 or email us at

Aggregate Suppliers Newcastle

One size certainly does not fit all, and so we make sure we match your needs perfectly to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Large to small, soft rocks to hard rocks, demolition to new building, we’re ready to assist whatever the task at hand.