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Aggregate Suppliers

Aggregate Suppliers

Tyne Tees Crushing and Screening is not just a leader in providing top-notch crushing and screening solutions, but also your trusted aggregates suppliers in the North East. Our selection of recycled aggregates is vast, encompassing Coarse Aggregates, Crushed Stone, and Crushed Rock, all vetted with source approval for your peace of mind. As your dedicated aggregates suppliers, we ensure a seamless supply of sand, soil, road planings, slate, and various other essential materials, all available for prompt collection or delivery to meet your project needs.


With a strong focus on timely service, we coordinate deliveries and collections to align with your project timeline, affirming our commitment as your reliable aggregates suppliers to keep your project on schedule. In our efforts to be the aggregates suppliers who care for the planet, we aim for the most efficient delivery routes, reducing both fuel consumption and environmental impact.


For dependable, environmentally conscious, and timely delivery of your essential building materials, look to Tyne Tees Crushing and Screening, the aggregate suppliers you can count on.


Type One aggregate which conforms to highways clause 803. This type of aggregate is often used as levelling material. It’s also known as sub-base and can be used for construction jobs, and beneath paths, drives, patios, etc.

6F5 Capping is a mixture of crushed brick and concrete with a particle size from 125mm down to dust. It can be used as a bulk filler or capping layer.

We also supply road planings which are dug or screened.

Single size aggregates are also available.

Our high-quality recycled aggregates are not only suitable but also approved for adoptable works, making them the perfect choice for local authorities and construction companies involved in new builds, roads, and footpath projects. As reputable aggregate suppliers, we take pride in the fact that our aggregates meet and exceed relevant UK and European standards, ensuring top-tier performance and reliability.

Beyond our listed offerings, Tyne Tees Crushing and Screening is equipped to supply a variety of aggregates. Should you have a unique requirement, our team of dedicated aggregate suppliers is ready to assist. Our goal is to cater to your construction needs with the utmost efficiency and safety in mind.

Excellent customer service and the provision of superior quality products are at the heart of our operation as aggregate suppliers. For all your construction aggregate needs, reach out to us confidently. Contact us today at or give us a call at 01325 808760, and let us demonstrate why we are the aggregate


We work with clients all throughout the North of England, however, we primarily focus on supplying Aggregate in areas such as Darlington, Newcastle and throughout the North East. 

Are you looking to start a project in these areas and need Aggregate supplies? Tyne Tees Crushing can help today, check out the following pages for more information: 


Using the correct aggregate for your construction job is highly important and we have the skill and experience to help you make the right choice every time. We have a very high customer satisfaction rating due in part to our expert knowledge & customer service.


Selecting the right aggregate suppliers is paramount for any construction project. High-quality aggregates, gravel, slate, and crushed stone are fundamental materials for capping, road construction, and footpaths, as well as a myriad of other building projects.

The calibre of aggregates supplied directly influences the aesthetic, strength, and longevity of the finished work. That’s why partnering with the right aggregate suppliers, who deeply understand your project’s specific requirements, becomes critical.

Moreover, it’s crucial to collaborate with aggregate suppliers who uphold stringent quality standards, ensuring their materials meet or exceed the current European and UK standards. Settling for anything less could compromise not just the integrity of your current project, but also your long-standing reputation and future business prospects.


Depending on the size of your company and the project that you are undertaking, you may find that you need to hire some or all the heavy equipment that you need to complete the work. This equipment is not cheap to hire and requires skilled, trained operators to ensure its correct and safe use on-site. Given this, securing your equipment from a professional and experienced supplier is vital. But why consider hiring your heavy equipment from your building aggregate suppliers?

Firstly, dealing with fewer suppliers is easier, reducing the risk of delays and downtime while waiting for machines, operators or materials to arrive. Secondly, it also means that you are hiring machines that are designed to deal specifically with the aggregates and other materials that you are using. Finally, the result will be that you are working with operators who understand the nature of the aggregates. This means we can feed back to the aggregate suppliers if there are any unforeseen issues.


One of the key elements to look for in any local aggregate suppliers is experience. You need a supplier that understands the materials that they provide; including their primary uses and any difficulties that you may experience with them. They should be able to advise you on your choices and provide exactly what you require for the project in hand.

To achieve this, they should want to know about your project and should ask pertinent questions about the purpose of the aggregates that you are purchasing. They should also be willing to answer any questions that you have for them. Local concrete aggregate suppliers should provide clear quotes on the materials you require; understand the amount you are likely to need; and provide either delivery or collection services that suit your deadlines. Good customer services, excellent lines of communication and a willingness to work with you are also vital. The ability to provide additional services, such as machine and operator hire, is also beneficial.

When It Comes To Choosing Aggregate Suppliers

Look No Further Than Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd

If you are searching for aggregate suppliers to provide the materials that you need for your road, building project or commercial project then look no further than Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd. As well as providing high quality aggregates that conform to all UK and European standards, we can provide you with a range of equipment and experienced operators.

Our team will ensure that you have everything you need to complete your project successfully. You can learn more about us by exploring our website or, to speak to a member of the team, call us on 01325 808760 or email us at

Aggregate Suppliers

One size certainly does not fit all, and so we make sure we match your needs perfectly to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Large to small, soft rocks to hard rocks, demolition to new building, we’re ready to assist whatever the task at hand.