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Aggregate Suppliers North East

Aggregate Suppliers

Aggregate Suppliers North East

Looking for aggregate supply in the North East or North Yorkshire regions of England? Look no further than Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd, leading aggregate supply company in the North East.

We specialise in everything you could ever need for your construction project in the North East, including Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 aggregate, all kinds of recycled aggregates, and various equipment and qualified staff services, too. With decades of experience in the construction game as a leading supplier of decorative and construction aggregate materials, we have reviews aplenty that attest to our high levels of customer service and quality of the products we provide. Covering everything from skip hire to personnel hire, equipment hire and aggregate delivery, Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd are here to help you with all of your construction needs.

Types of aggregates at Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening

We offer delivery of aggregates and equipment around the entire North East, as well as collection from our Darlington location. And if you’re wondering what kinds of aggregates that we have available to buy online today on our website, take a look below: 

  • Sand and soil
  • Specialist aggregates
  • Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 aggregate
  • Decorative stones and gravel for driveways
  • Topsoil for gardens
  • Recycled aggregates
  • Coarse aggregates
  • Crushed stone and crushed rock
  • Slate

As you can see, we’ve got an eclectic range of materials just waiting to be delivered to your work site or property. Delivered across the North East of the UK or available for collection in Darlington, you won’t find higher quality aggregate supply in the North East than with Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd. 

Take a look at our website for more information about our business and the services we provide, and give us a call on 01325 808760 to place an order for materials delivered all across the North East.  Alternatively, you can email us at this link.

Aggregate supply in the North East of England

The various products we supply have a range of uses and purposes across the construction world, covering everything from adoptable works to new-build homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, offices, roads, and foot paths. We also value compliance at Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd, which is why all of our recycled gravel aggregates, and in fact all of the building materials we have available online, adhere to every relevant English, UK, and European standard. 

Regardless of which materials you purchase, however, it’s crucial that you use the correct materials for the project at hand, and that you purchase them from a trustworthy expert. One with experience and quality at the heart of their operations, and one with a reputation within the industry as a consumer-focussed, construction expert. We are, of course, talking about Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd. We have the experience and passion to help you get your job over the line with no complications and a high quality standard, and we’ve been helping those in the building and construction industry for years to get the job done. 

To find out more about one of the leading UK aggregate suppliers, get in touch today or take a look at the aggregate supply page of our website. 

Leading North East Aggregates Supplier

Whether it’s decorative or for purely construction purposes, Tyne Tees crushing & Screening Ltd has the perfect aggregates available to deliver or collect in the North East. 

Our team of experts are passionate and knowledgeable about all things aggregate, and have been supplying all kinds of building materials to the North East construction industry for years. We also hire out the best equipment and staff should you require them, with everything you’d ever need for a successful building or construction project. 

With aggregates for every occasion and positive reviews from a massive range of North East customers, we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service, attention to detail, and knowledge when it comes to aggregate supply.

What is aggregate concrete, and what is it used for?

It’s predominantly used for drainage, but can also be utilised for lots of different concrete applications. It can help fill holes and drainage trenches, and it’s shape means it allows water to flow freely into a specified direction. This is why it’s so popular for drainage purposes and why we provide it to our customers. 

On our website, the most popularly purchased concrete-based aggregate is 6F5 Capping. This is a mixture of concrete and crushed brick, and it has a particle size from 125mm down to dust, making it perfect as a capping layer of bulk filler. Take a look at our concrete aggregate page on The Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening site today.

Get in touch with Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening

To speak to one of our experts about having aggregates delivered to your project location, property, or building site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd. Whether you’re in Teesside, County Durham, Tyneside, or Wearside, even Northumberland (at a push), we have everything you need when it comes to the highest quality aggregates and construction services and we’re here to support you.  

We do it all from our Darlington head office, and offer our incredible products and services to all North East towns and cities, as well as those in North Yorkshire. We’re talking Stockton, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Gateshead, County Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland, and more. 

For more information regarding the service and products we provide, you can look at our website for inspiration. If you’d rather speak to somebody about your project or have a specific query relating to aggregates or anything else in our catalogue, you can contact us using any of the below details and we’ll be happy to offer advice and supply whatever it is you need for the job at hand. 

To speak to somebody on the phone, simply give us a ring on 01325 746 555.

Alternatively, you email directly using and one of our team will get back to you promptly with more information.

And if you want the legwork taking out of it, you can even just click this link and an email should open up ready to send to ourselves.

Aggregate Suppleirs North East

One size certainly does not fit all, and so we make sure we match your needs perfectly to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Large to small, soft rocks to hard rocks, demolition to new building, we’re ready to assist whatever the task at hand.