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Top Soil Middlesbrough


When it comes to creating a lush and vibrant garden or enhancing the aesthetics of a commercial landscape, the quality of the topsoil used is paramount. In Middlesbrough and the surrounding Teesside area, discerning gardeners and contractors turn to us at Tyne Tees Crushing as providers of the finest topsoil for their landscaping needs.

That’s Great, but What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil and it contains a high concentration of organic matter and nutrients, making it ideal for growing plants. It’s the layer where most of the Earth’s biological soil activity occurs, and it plays a crucial role in supporting various forms of life. It’s also what helps to provide the stunning gardens and landscapes we admire.

In Middlesbrough, topsoil is not just a commodity; it’s the cornerstone of successful gardening and landscaping projects. Used throughout the grounds of stately homes, parks, gardens and more to create beautiful scenery.

The Best Topsoil Solutions for Your Projects

Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd is a leading supplier of topsoil in Middlesbrough. Whether you’re looking for screened soil to improve your garden beds, as dug topsoil for a large-scale commercial project, or specialised topsoil for growing grass or wildflowers, we have the perfect grade to meet your requirements.

 The supplied topsoil is compliant with British standards, ensuring the correct levels of acidity and minimal contaminants. This commitment to quality means that your landscaping projects will not only look good but will also be sustainable and environmentally friendly. This can make a significant difference.

Versatility and Quality Combined

When it comes to Topsoil in Middlesbrough from Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd we’re known for versatility. Our soil can be used for various applications, from creating lush flower beds to establishing a new lawn or building a picturesque rockery. The bulk bags of topsoil that we offer are ideal for both domestic and commercial projects, catering to the specific needs of each customer.

Unmatched Service and Expertise

Our company prides itself on its outstanding customer service and expertise in the aggregates and soil industry. We are not just suppliers; we are specialists who understand the nuances of topsoil and its applications. With years of experience in the field, we can provide valuable advice on seeds, essential nutrients, compost, growth, and environmental considerations around the topsoil that we provide.

Reliable Delivery and Collection

Our topsoil is readily available for collection and delivery in Middlesbrough and throughout the North East of England. Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening ensures a 5-star delivery service, making it convenient for customers to receive their topsoil when and where they need it. With operations in Darlington, County Durham, we serve as a hub for distributing top-quality topsoil across the region.

Get in Touch with Topsoil Experts

For those in Middlesbrough and the wider Teesside area looking for high quality topsoil and professional advice, Tyne Tees Crushing & Screening Ltd is the go-to source. Helping clients complete their projects successfully and efficiently, offering a wide range of products to suit various landscaping needs.

To learn more about topsoil and services, or to place an order, contact us at 01325 746 555 or email Enhance your landscapes with the finest topsoil Middlesbrough has to offer and ensure your commercial project thrives.

Aggregates for any occasion

Using the correct aggregate for your construction job is highly important and we have the skill and experience to help you make the right choice every time. We have a very high customer satisfaction rating due in part to our knowledge and customer service.