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Stone Crusher Hire with Tyne Tees Crushing

Tyne Tees Crushing provides screening, plant hire, aggregates, and hire equipment to all kinds of businesses all around the UK this article looks at Stone Crusher Hire.

Our customer service is unmatched in the industry and we are committed to providing an incredibly high standard at all times. We have over 15 years-experience in the plant and screen market from our base in County Durham, where we provide the best of the best when it comes to large screen and plant hire as well as aggregate for your site.

We provide a range of stone crusher hire all around the country, so if you’re in need of stone crusher machinery, get in touch today on 01325 808 760 or by email at

What is Stone Crusher Hire?

Stone crushers are used for a variety of different kinds of jobs, and are extremely large pieces of industrial machinery that essentially do one thing.  They reduce the size of large, stone materials, which can include rocks and minerals, breaking down them into manageable building materials and forms of aggregate that are easy to work with.

What Are Stone Crushers Used For?

Stone crushers are used in many industries, and allow you to transform cumbersome, enormous objects into materials such as gravel, rubble, sand, dust, or even just smaller stones or rocks. 

These can be used as building materials for the installation of public footpaths, paving, other ground works and agriculture jobs, with lots of other uses depending on the industry.  You can read about how stone crusher machinery and what a stone crusher does in more detail here.

Which Stone Crusher Machines Can You Hire?

We have many stone crusher plant and screen machinery available for hire, including: 

If you have a project with stone crusher hire required, we can help you today. 

Get in touch to find out more about the stone crusher hire we provide to our customers. 

Every customer is different, and no two jobs are alike, that’s why we provide a bespoke, tailored service to match the requirements of your project, coming up with custom-made solutions to match your needs. 

We are fully certified to operate stone crusher machinery and with the safety of our staff, site rules, and the safety of your staff in mind with every job, we guarantee a service that you will be happy with.

Get In Touch

We have years of experience providing crusher screen hire, plant hire, and stone crusher hire with certified operators able to work with a wide range of equipment on your site or project.

Get in touch to find out more information on the service we provide by dropping us an email at or giving us a call on 01325 808 760.

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